Articles Of Agreement Springfield Massachusetts 1636 Hipp


    Two months later, William Pynchon, Henry Smith, and Jehu Burr reached an agreement with the Indians to buy land on both sides of Connecticut. When they signed the deed of sale, the Indians kept their right to fish all over the land, hunt deer, collect nuts, acorns, sasachiminesh (cinnamon farms) and have and enjoy all the Cottinackeesh (Kitkanakish, plantation or soil that is now planted), where they grew their tobacco. Corn, beans, pumpkins and pumpkins. Burn Springfield by indians October 1675 The first century of Springfield`s history; Official records from 1636 to 1736; With a historical and biographical critique of the founders, by Henry M, Burt; Theft, I; pages 129-34. A good representation of the Indian attack.